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Why does my music keep having the same melody?

2014-05-21 20:46:37 by AyzanNightbane

Hmm, why does my music maintain the same melodic lines in almost every song I compose? Hmm, maybe it's because there's just one me, or maybe it's because there's one melody I'm meant to discover and I'm searching for it's complete form. Perhaps that's why i keep making different remakes of the same melody. On the other hand, this could all just be a big excuse, hmmm...


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2014-05-21 21:37:54

All those are very plausible! Have you tried experimenting with other scales?

AyzanNightbane responds:

Yup, have even tried remaking some of my favorite anime osts and they at times sound really good. Have experimented with many different styles as well but there's just this one melody I never get fed up of and I keep trying to improve it. Almost as though I'm searching for something I don't know. in doing that I have also seen my musical talent grow.


2014-06-19 18:07:33

It could perhaps be that you're subconsciously theming your compositions?
Video game composers do this to an extent.

AyzanNightbane responds:

That might just be it. Thanks. I think I might have to slightly distance myself from that particular melody for a while.