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2017 Submissions

Unseen Possibility World Song
The Human Dreamweaver vs Deplo Cinematic Song
To Far Off Friends(Chrono Trig Classical Song
You Are My Kin, My Family World Song
Legacy Of A Hero Cinematic Song
Kindred Spirits Classical Song
I thought Of You(Remake) Experimental Song
The Joy Of Nerdhood Classical Song
The Wounded Bird Becomes A Cinematic Song
Pyrostellis Luminares Experimental Song
Prayer to the Aurora Sabre World Song
Wise One Of The Unison Courts Cinematic Song
Broken Promise/Unwavering Fait World Song
Eternal Friendship Techno Song
Power Of The True Soul Reawake Cinematic Song
Bid It Come(Awakening) Experimental Song
Mythical Lion Seal World Song
My Heart Remains With You Classical Song
Lion Of The Dagara Clan Cinematic Song
My Lunar Flower Classical Song
U-n-d-e-r--standing (remake) Classical Song
Heart Of The Dragon World Song
Divine Retribution Cinematic Song
Harmony Of The Stars World Song
The Long Suffering God Classical Song
Until We Meet Again World Song
Memoires Of Ryuujinn Classical Song
The name Zan! Zan Nightbane Cinematic Song
Dawn Of Creation Classical Song
Memories Of Sacrifice Classical Song
Many More Sunsets With You Classical Song
We Will Never Run! Cinematic Song
Son Of The Phoenix Lord Cinematic Voice
Man, God's Greatest Paradox Cinematic Song
The Wounded Bird World Song
Memoires Of A Saviour World Song
Dawn Of God With Us Dream Bell World Song
A Tale Of Water And Fire World Song
Where is the God That I Serve World Song
This is My Body World Song
Human And Divine World Song
Over The Rainbow(Symphony) Cinematic Song
If I could begin again Classical Song
Dawn Of God With Humans(Dance) Dance Song
The Final Saint Cinematic Song